Laplace project is one of my biggest challenges in my design career. Designing a digital product, which help people with effective investing means big responsibility. In Atheros, we're currently working on this project with the whole team. Very soon you could be a part of this project in my upcoming online course, where we will go through the full design process of this case.


Product Design


In-browser app, iOS and Android


UX research, Information architecture, Prototyping, Usability testing

Project Overview

Laplace is a quantitative hedge fund based in the UK. It uses advanced mathematical modeling and machine learning techniques for predicting short and long term moves in the market. Laplace fund invests in stocks, bonds, futures, commodities as well as ETFs, or cryptocurrencies. The Laplace has two own digital products as well. The first one work as an intern admin mainly for institutional investors and fund owners, on the other hand, the second product is for retail investors, who are able to invest thought AI-driven broker, offering advanced machine learning analytics.

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