Atheros Intelligence

Atheros Cloud offers AI-driven solutions for the companies working with structured and unstructured data. With Atheros Cloud tools such as text classification, time-series analysis, or natural language interface you will be able to access databases, APIs, apps, and websites with voice.


Product Design




UX research, Information architecture, Prototyping, Usability testing

Project Overview

The Atheros Cloud is the company's leading product, which offers AI-driven solutions for data usage. One of my main tasks was to create a universal design system, which follows the company's visual brand identity and could be implemented on every module of the Atheros Cloud. I've collaborated with two other Atheros designers on the whole platform including design system, UX research, branding, information architecture, wireframes, Hi-Fi prototypes, and interaction design. For Atheros I also designed the website, brand identity, and Atheros Learning app, offering online courses.

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