About Me

In today’s business world is a great design absolutely essential aspect of every successful digital product. Based on my experience, I’m able to create not only good looking visuals, I’m ready to build interfaces, that people will love to use. I emphasize the need for a structured design process to ensure that delivery is maximizing your business value proposition.

I also love to spread my knowledge thought my social accounts, where I interact with more than 55k designers.

Tools I use

I use the most progressive tools on the market, enabling easy and effective collaboration in the team.


Clickable prototype, realtime collaboration, design system at one place - all of that we will cover in Figma.


The online collaborative whiteboard platform for UX research activities, creating diagrams, and many more.


UserTesting is useful assistant for conducting remote screen recording usability tests.


This is my favorite tool for deeper analysis of user experience through heatmaps, recordings, user feedback, or surveys.


Every story or roadmap has its own crucial points and the same is for my  design story.


Head of product design - Atheros
UX/UI Designer- Freelancing
Content Creator - Social Media


co-founded Atheros Intelligence


Started  Freelancing


University of economics Prague - Business Administration & Management


See what my clients and co-workers say about me.

“Jan's experience from the most complex projects is a great foundation for his unique and insightful tips that he shares within our UX/design community."

“Jan's expertise has a tremendous benefit to our company's UX & design. He is leading thinker behind our brand, design system and design processes. His leadership, design thinking and attention to detail bring solution to real user needs in our projects.”

“Jan is a designer with knowledge in all aspects. Beautiful interfaces with a great UX. Jan knows exactly how to make something complex very simple. Absolutely one of a kind!”

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